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Hello! Welcome to ever be.!

We are a family run company with a desire to always point others to Jesus. He is always the answer. We love God’s Word and believe it is living and active. We are so thankful He has given us the gift of His Word that speaks into and over our lives everyday. It is our prayer at ever be. to make things that will remind and encourage others in His truths, and to invite conversations that will allow people to tell others about Jesus. 

Stan and I met when I was 15 years old, during a season of complete brokenness in my life. But God, in His beautiful, redemptive, loving way gave me my forever. We are coming up on 32 years of marriage! We have three beautiful, fun loving girls, two wonderful son’s in law, two granddaughters, a grandson (all who have stolen our hearts) and a sweet little puppy who loves to snuggle. God has blessed us with the ability to work from home throughout the years which has allowed us to homeschool our girlies, and spend precious time together as a family. We love to laugh (a lot), going on walks together, riding our tandem, watching movies, and spending time together with family and friends. Over the years, we have had our ups and downs. In both times of hardships and joys, God has always shown us His faithfulness, and has filled our hearts with great compassion to love others as He loves us. 

In 2018, I had a desire to start a business that would point others back to Jesus. So, we started praying for God to show us what that would look like. After months of praying, in early 2019, God led me to design an art print with a message from Him to give to a specific person, who I never met. After following His leading, God started opening up doors, and flooding my mind with ideas. I started to design art prints with God’s promises on them. Stan, started to build a website for me to sell my designs, but I was missing an important detail. I needed a name. Immediately, the word “be” came to mind. After time praying, and me and my family putting different words with the “be”, while listening to a song, the words “ever be” stood out to me. I love words! Meanings of words are a big deal to me. So, I quickly went and looked up the meaning of these two simple words. Upon looking, I loved the meaning of both words, and the beauty in the truths within them. Ever means at all times; always, continuously and be means to exist or live.

Basically, “ever be” means to “at all times, always, live”. This was exactly what we were praying for! That when people receive our products, that they would always be reminded of God’s truths and live them out everyday. And that was the birthing of ever be Designs. 

In the summer of 2020, we started praying again for God’s leading into what He wanted moving forward for ever be. Honestly, I personally was going through a time of discouragement in my life and was desperate to hear God’s voice and wisdom for us moving forward. I never lost sight of the desire to point others back to Jesus, but honestly, life circumstances and disappointments took over. Doubt crept in and I started believing lies spoken over my life. I didn’t feel worthy of speaking God’s promises into others lives when my own life was a mess. But God! He always takes what we see as messy and broken and makes it beautiful. He began, in His gentle and loving way, to reminded me as to who I am in Him! I am not defined by my past! I am not defined by what others or the world might think! I am a child of God! And it is His heart for me and how He sees me that defines me! 

One day as I was praying, a question came to mind. “Why did you choose the name ever be.?” In that moment, and with that sweet, simple question, God reminded my heart and began to birth our new jewelry collection, be. reminded. Each one of us was made by the Creator of the Universe for a plan and a purpose. God created us to be. But, so many times our past, and the world around us tries to define who we are, whispering lies that literally have no right to be spoken over us. We are not defined by these things. It is God who created us, and it is only Him who has the right to define us! Yes, we all go through different seasons in our lives, but His plans and purpose for our lives are good, even in the hard times, He is still good! I believe that God wants us all to be. reminded of that now more than ever! To claim all the truths He speaks over our lives and walk in them.

As I pressed into God more about what was next for ever be., the thought of wearing something to remind others came to mind. For those who know me well, I am a simple girl that loves simple, but pretty things. I love to wear necklaces and rings! And if you are ever with me, you will probably notice me playing with my necklace or rings. I even have a special necklace, given to me by my daughter, that when I wear it, I constantly run my fingers over it, and every time I am reminded of the the reason behind it! So, a jewelry collection immediately came to mind. To make something that could be worn that when the wearer saw it or ran their fingers over it, would be reminded of who God created them to be. Yes!!! I was so excited for this idea! I wanted to share, but I felt led to just sit for a while with God in it. So, I started formulating ideas and drawing. Which was making me more excited to share. Ha! But God continued to say, sit with me, dream with me. And that’s what I did! I began to research and allowed God develop what He wanted in this without any distractions. I knew what to do, create simple jewelry with the word be. on each piece. I just didn’t know how to do it.

One morning while on a walk with Stan, I knew it was time to share. I was excited, but nervous! Was he going to think I was crazy?! I love how God works! Instead of thinking I was crazy, he became my biggest cheerleader! You see, my husband is a make it happen type of guy! Which I love! That’s probably why God asked me to sit with Him for a while before sharing! Ha! Before I knew it, we were having jewelry samples shipped to the house, he was making lists and checking them off. He was researching how to make jewelry and so on. It was my job to figure out the “be.” Through much prayer and God’s leading, He allowed us to uniquely design the be. font that is hand stamped on our jewelry collection. I remember when we saw them for the first time. We cried, and knew that they were it! During this whole process, I have had a phrase constantly running through my head, and it has become my prayer, Lord, be glorified! Through God’s prompting it is a simple sign over my work station that I look at always. As we pray over every piece made, we pray that God will be glorified in us and through us and in you!

Many decisions have been made, we have come up against many obstacles, we have learned a lot and have met some awesome people along the way who have helped us get to where we are today. We are excited to see what God will do through ever be., and we pray that God will be glorified in every detail!

God created all of us to be. In one season of your life you may be called to be. victorious, where another season you may be called to be. thankful, and yet another, you may be called to be. still and know. Our be. in Him is timeless! God never intends for us to stay where we are, instead He positions us to be. who He calls us to be. And walk confidently in it. We pray that at all times, always, continuously you will exist and live the truths that God has spoken over your life and that you will ever be. reminded as to who you are in Him! May He be glorified in us and through us!

What’s your be.?

I will praise the Lord at all times; His praise will always be on my lips.
Psalm 34:1

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.
Ephesians 2:10

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